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Founded in 2014, Gray Rock Consulting LLC offers a wide-range of consulting services yielding increased efficiency, improved IT governance, enhanced analytics and reporting, and improved executive decision-making.

Our Approach

Our approach to each engagement utilizes three core principles of Gray Rock:  insight, analysis, and perspective. Our insight has been developed by extensive experience across the federal government, developing proven best practices and tackling the most complex problems. Our solutions are built upon in-depth analysis leading to more effective and sound solutions.  Our perspective, starting with the end in mind, causes us to seek first to understand our client’s challenges rather than jumping directly to solutions. The outcome: practical and innovative solutions that delight our customers.

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Gray Rock Consulting LLC provides technology and management consulting services to the federal government.  We offer a range of consulting services and solutions resulting in increased efficiency and reduced cost, improved IT governance, enhanced analytics and reporting, and improved data-driven executive decision-making.

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